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Save the date: 14th–15th September 2019

Official Attempt 2018

The Roles you will need to allocate

  1. Event Maker, 1 per club, responsible for communication with the Bart’s Bash team, receiving information, sending information back to the Bart’s Bash team where required. 
  2. Race officers, responsible for the race management, however also needs to ensure that the exact distance of the course is measured by GPS in a powerboat. 
  3. Independent witness x 2, Not a club member or someone with family involved in the race.  Can be used as a timekeeper as race officer assistant. They cannot be linked to each other in any way. They will need to witness. a. The distance of the course measured via GPS. b. The number of people starting the race. c. The number of people finishing the race. d. Complete the witness statement as provided. Template to be provided before the date. e. Confirm the presence and ratio of stewards to competitors.
  4. Stewards. Responsible for ensuring compliance of all participants. Can be safety boat driver and crew, ideally noting any who retire. Stewards will also need to provide a basic written statement describing their role and what they saw. Template to be provided before the date.  Each club must have 1 steward for every 50 boats. They must be located on the course in some form e.g. powerboat, committee boat, on the shore if inlands venue.
  5. Media. Responsible for photography, videography and any social media/press for the day.  For the GWR to ensure that we have: a. Mass Participation photos of the event, preferably aerial (high up will do). b. Video of the event, this video must include the start and finish, a fixed camera on the committee boat would work. If we don’t get this, your club will not count for the Guinness World Record. Maybe think about a back-up just in case. 
  6. Group Photo on land. We want to show mass participation, if every club took a group photo with their club flag in-front then that is a fantastic advert for sailing as a whole. 


So, here’s what we need you to do:  

  • Nominate the “Event Maker”. This person is going to be the main point of contact between your club and the Bart’s Bash team, any notifications and information will go through them. If it isn’t you, please let us know who it is.
  • Register your club on our website. Each club will be able to set its own page up and customise it with photos, news stories and race details.
  • Encourage your entire membership to enter the race. To do this you will first have to register your club on the Bart’s Bash website. TO QUALIFY FOR THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORD, YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF 25 BOATS.  (No stress… If you are unable to raise this number of boats, you can still take part in Bart’s Bash and you will still be able to submit your results for entry into the worldwide leader board).
  • Ensure that there is the normal team of race officers, safety crew and 2 independent witness’ who are fully briefed on the notice of race and race requirements prior to the day. Ensure that there is a list of all entries and that the list is updated with people entering on the day.
  • Send us all supporting documents and statements, including photos and videos from the event WITHIN 10 days of the race. 
  • Make the most of your local press. Shout about your club’s involvement as much as you can and encourage everyone to come sailing.


FULL - Race requirements / Guinness world record requirements. 


  1. The race will need to happen between 00:00 on the 16th September GMT and 23:59 on the 16th September GMT. 
  2. The race will need to have a single start and finish point (start line one side of the committee boat and finish line the other side is acceptable) 
  3. The race should be your normal racing course, compromising upwind and downwind legs. 
  4. The distance of the course will need to be measured accurately using GPS. The course MUST BE AT LEAST 1KM long, this can be multiple laps of a shorter course.
  5. Distance should be measured in METRES.
  6. The race must be at least 15 minutes long. 
  7. There must be at least 25 boats taking part at each location. If you don’t have 25 boats, you will not be able to participate in the Guinness attempt, but you can still take part in Bart’s Bash! 
  8. Take a full list of all boats (and people on the boats) prior the start, this can be noted off against the race entry list. 
  9. Video of the event. We need to ensure that the start and finish of the race is recorded by video. You do not need to record the whole race. You will need to send us the video following the event. 
  10. Take photos of the event, preferably of the start line where the boats are massed. If possible for publicity, a group shot (or shots) on land would be fantastic, with your club flag in front of the group etc. 
  11. Note down those boats who retire from the race – they will need to be included in the Guinness results.
  12. Note down those boats who cross the finish line complying with all the clubs rules, including boat number and elapsed time. This will also be the official list which gets uploaded to the Barts Bash website. 
  13. The race will need stewards to be present – these can be safety boat drivers & crew or race officials and they must not exceed a 1:50 ratio. 
  14. All protests must be heard within 2 days of the event and all results must be uploaded within 3 days of the event. 
  15. Upload all the results to the Bart’s Bash website in exactly the format required. 
  16. All clubs wishing to enter the Guinness world record attempt MUST have 2 independent witnesses. They should witness all items underlined above. We will provide statements for them to sign. These signed statements will be required following the event. 
  17. An independent witness cannot be a member of the club and cannot be linked to the race in anyway. i.e. family taking part in the race. 
  18. Send Video Footage, photos and witness / steward statements to the Bart’s Bash team as soon as possible after the event, not to exceed 10 days from the event date.