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Save the date: 14th–15th September 2019

Popular airshows signs up and take the world’s largest sailing event to new heights.

16th May at 07:40

Bart's Bash 2015 continues to amaze and grow with Southport Air Show signing up as 200th venue.
The, Road Show team are planning to showcase the sport of sailing with a foiling Solent Whisper Cat at 10 costal airshows this summer - they will also use a range of topper sail boats to invite show goers onto the water and participate in Bart's Bash on September 20th 2015.
A free Bart's Bash booth is being offered to all sailing clubs, training schools and sailing outfits across the country who want to invite new people to take part their activities. Ross Smith, Event Manager and Director of, says 'We simply want to stir things up and try to reach a new generation of boaters to get more people interested and going boating. We hope the airshows with their combined audience of 3.1 million will give an exciting platform to local sailing clubs to promote and have some fun along the way'.
'We have only recently found out about the date of Bart's Bash this year and looking at our roadshow calendar could not believe that at the last air show on our UK tour, on the very last day, we could help showcase this incredible sailing event in memory of Andrew Simpson. We are going to make sure all the major airshows around the UK promote sailing and try to motivate a new audience to get on the water, so to end the tour with the Bart's Bash will be a fantastic finale'
This is the second time the unique sailing event has taken place. Over 550 venues took part in the 2014 event and this year the Foundation hopes even more will get on board. Any sailing clubs, community sailing programmes, sail training centres, yacht clubs, groups' of sailors and now airshows can hold a Bart's Bash race.
This year the aim of the 2015 campaign is to increase participation even further with the ultimate goal of becoming the world's biggest sporting event.

Download the poster


Download the poster

Download the official poster for the "World's Largest Sailing Event"