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Save the date: 14th–15th September 2019

Results System Goes Live

18th September at 11:02

RACE MANAGEMENT for Bart's Bash 2015 launched on Thursday 17th September and is live for Event Makers to practice before the big day.

To support clubs this year a series of tutorial videos are available on our you tube channel

'Bart's Bash Race Management Tutorial : How to Create your Races'

'Bart's Bash Race Management Tutorial : How to Enter Results'

In these videos Tim Anderton, Event Manager, guides us though the steps for uploading results. The system is NEW, it's improved and it's ready and we encourage Event Mangers to log in to your Venue Profile at, follow the help text and the tutorial guides to manage your venue's results.

The races and data created will NOT be deleted, unless requested on feedback, it's your system for the weekend. Please let us know how you find the new system, every finger is crossed at our Bash Base. If you have forgotten your venue password - please email [email protected]

Good Luck!


Step 1 Click on ‘CREATE RACE’ and create your race(s) ….a new area will appear called ‘RACES’. You can edit wind speed later.
Step 2 Click on ‘Manage results’ for the race your wish to manage, in the new ‘RACES’ area.
Step 3. Click ‘Add Result’ and for your first result either click on the button ‘ADD A NEW SAILOR’ or ‘SELECT’ a pre registered sailor.
Step 4 Enter result fields and ‘SAVE’ … this will list as a result. Repeats step 3 and 4 for all results for that race.

Done … Your saved results are loaded and will filter onto the website.

Questions Answered

Download Race Results:
Yes, in races you can download to a CSV file, this will be ranked by Bart Number. You can also down load the Participant List in 'Sailors' area to a CSV file, with more detail

You can edit races created to get the right wind speed Participants you have loaded can be edited in Sailors area

Races involving more than one club please email [email protected] so we can support

The system will allow a participant to sail in more than one race but only count, overall, as a sailor once. In the skipper drop down the ‘*’ denotes a participant loaded by the event team

Home Club:
After loading a new participant in race management, in Sailor area you can edit home club and category details if needed.

Download the poster


Download the poster

Download the official poster for the "World's Largest Sailing Event"