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Save the date: 14th–15th September 2019

RESULTS UPDATE: Perfect South African winds leading Bart’s Bash results at the half way mark

24th September at 11:26

In less than three days over 50% of the results for ‪#‎BartsBash‬ 2015 have been loaded into the new results system.

Current leader out of 238 venues is Steven de Wit who ‘Sailed For Fun’ in a Corsair/Farrier trimaran at Lake Deneys Yacht Club, South Africa, recorded a corrected Bart Speed of 5.33453 sailing in winds over 18 Knots.

An indication of conditions and the fun had in South Africa can be seen on a YouTube video posted by the South African Catamaran Club, who also participated in Bart's Bash this year.

Steven leads the hugely varied fleet which has united boats across the world and who together have sailed a staggering 26.5 Million meters in memory of Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson.

There are now less than 200 clubs, of the 469, to start their results upload. If you can't see your club listed or need support please then email [email protected]. Tim and the team are here to help. Organisers have given a motivating deadline to event makers to get results in by Monday 28th September, so the event can report a provisional winner.


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Download the poster

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