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Save the date: 14th–15th September 2019

The 2015 Event Guide

27th February at 12:56

“Once again, we feel honoured to be able to write the forward to this Event Guide. We’re especially grateful to have the opportunity to thank you all personally for your contribution towards making Bart’s Bash not only the Largest Sailing Race in the World, but also the most fun, the most inspiring and the most community building day in our sport.”
Last year we came together in Andy’s name to do an incredible thing. Over 30,000 people took to the water to race alongside each other in thousands of different types of boats. You took part in every corner of the world and we raised a significant amount of money to enable the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation to really launch its global ambitions and transform the lives of young people through sailing. It was wholeheartedly the kind of event that Andy would have dreamed of being part of and we are full of pride and gratitude that you were all able to help make it happen.
In particular, we would like to pay tribute to the volunteers whose support underpinned everything – the seven thousand or so Event Makers and Officials who poured their energies into making each local race so special and engaging – without these individuals the memories that we all treasure would not have been remotely possible. It can be a difficult and time consuming task taking on such an organisational challenge but we want you to know that we - and many, many other people - value your support enormously. You were the beating heart of this event and we could not have made it without you. Thank you.
It’s incredibly exciting (and a little bit ‘where did the time go?’) that we are now beginning the countdown towards the second Bart’s Bash race. On September 20th we will once again have the opportunity to come together as a sport, to challenge ourselves, to inspire others, to introduce newcomers to the thrill of sailing and to globally compete against one another. We hope you will enjoy the concept of the ‘Bart’s Bash Buoy’ races, intended to support newcomers to experience the thrill of a race without the potentially daunting prospect of a start line, and we are also introducing ‘Bart’s Bash Buddies’ because everything’s more fun when you can do it alongside a friend!
“It’s been an emotional year and it’s hard to believe that we are already once again at the start of the preparations for another glorious day as a global sailing community. Bart’s Bash wholly embodies the memory of the man we loved so much, and it is something we can all now share together. Let’s keep riding this wave and once more put on a spectacle like no other to show the world what Bart and sailing are all about!” We wish you the very best of luck in this year’s race, and thank you once again for everything you contribute. 
FOREWARD by Leah Simpson and Amanda Simpson 

Download the poster


Download the poster

Download the official poster for the "World's Largest Sailing Event"